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No-Cost Inbound Marketing Ideas You’ve Got to Try

There you are, willing to attract, convert and close new clients by implementing inbound marketing and wonder how much inbound marketing costs. Well, the first thing you need to know when embracing inbound marketing is that no big budget is required to get started on inbound marketing. There is no need to stick to traditional marketing by hiring the right marketing specialist to create advertising campaigns for your business, product or service on mass media.


There is no need to have big budgets to cooperate with an inbound marketing agencies. All you need is creativity, dedication and time to start writing and analyzing. Yes, writing and creating content. There are no rules on how to start writing, you just need to start by taking advantage of all the free tools and tutorials available online.

REMEMBER:  It is not the marketing budget that matters, but it is the relevant and valuable content that is substantive for your inbound success.


Which are the most commonly used no-cost inbound marketing ideas to help one get started?

Create relevant, valuable and resonating content

Consider the content to be your currency that is going to keep your inbound methodology running. Be prepared to face ongoing challenges, since creating enticing, engaging and current content that resonates with the needs of your audience is a time taking process. Your content is going to be the information that helps people achieve their goals. Create content with a purpose and keep in mind, that the foremost aim of your content is to attract the right visitors to your website, to convert them into leads and in the process of time to develop them into customers. Therefore, carefully design and prepare your content strategy, since you aim at using your content to promote the current offers.

Do you know that Marcus Sheridan, the founder of The Sales Lion, went inbound to save his swimming pool company in 2008? By that time, his company had no budget and was on the brink of collapse. So, Marcus Sheridan decided to address the questions the buyer personas of his company might have had. He managed to create consistent, enthralling and educational content on regular basis. By time, his content marketing efforts turned out to be very successful. Today, his company’s website is the most trafficked swimming pool website in the world, with over500,000 visitors a month.  

TIP: In case you are not new to the inbound and have existing content, but visitors are not flocking to your website ask yourself whether your content is tailored to your buyer personas or not? Does your content give solutions to the problems of your prospects? Analyze continuously and revamp!      


Learn SEO fundamentals

Google search ”search engine optimization”, do some research on this concept, read tutorials, take an online course on how to do SEO and practice what you have learnt to optimize and get your content in the top organic results, so that your potential audience can find it.    

REMEMBER: Firstly, the language of your content must be natural, even if you have a list of keywords based on what your buyer personas would search and aim at creating content around those keywords. Secondly, the external links on your website should be high-quality. 


Use open-source content management systems

With the unlimited space for content creation on the Internet, it is also important to consider the level of control you have over the website that are focused around content. The level of control to some extent is controlled by the platform the site is built on. Therefore, the best no-cost option is to use open-source content management systems, or CMS, which are intended for non-technical professionals and allow for a high degree of control and flexibility. Additionally, there is no need to rely on website development companies, because these systems make it possible to create pages, add and edit content, as well as conduct basic search engine optimization.

TIP: Check out some of the free content management systems popular in 2015, such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magneto, and Blogger.


Go Social 

Being social nowadays is more about developing social habits online by creating and implementing a killer social strategy. All the available social networking sites, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, etc. are there to help you reach out for your prospects, engage with them and build two-way relationships.

TIP: No matter how trendy the above-mentioned networking channels are, the real discussions and deep conversations are happening on forums and blogs. Therefore, make sure to participate in forums and build relationships with the bloggers sharing the same passions as you have. Those relationships are more likely to turn out two-way and become long-lasting.

REMEMBER:  When going social, you will also need to build your professional persona while building your company’s or brand’s profile. People are always interested to know who is standing behind the brand or company and how cool s/he is? But, watch what you publish by keeping in mind that whatever you put online stays there forever.    



Analyze, analyze, analyze… Million times and PERMANENTLY and in every single thing you do! 


Keep Learning and Share Your Expertise

The new developments in the sphere are rapidly emerging. Therefore, constantly search for literature and information on inbound marketing tips, follow the top experts of the sphere, listen to podcasts, subscribe to newsletters and read blog posts on daily basis. Learn from the social conversations on professional communities, such as LinkedIn and share your expertise on the topic as often as possible.  

Now that you have read some of the no-cost inbound marketing ideas, all you need is to develop your killer content strategy right away, do some research on search engine optimization, take advantage of open-source tools, go social and stay tuned with the recent updates on inbound marketing.

The above-mentioned are the most commonly applied no-cost inbound marketing ideas a newbie can try when going inbound. Do you have anything more to add on how to go inbound with no budget? Please be helpful and share those with our readers.  




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