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How to market your business on LinkedIn

Do you know that such companies as Dell, Evernote, Hootsuite, L’Oreal, Luxottica Group, Marketo, The Nature Conservancy, Procter and Gamble, Tesla Motors, etc., have embraced LinkedIn marketing by building their presence, continuously featuring and sharing their most valuable content on LinkedIn for success? Why? Because, being the largest global professional network (See Graph 1), LinkedIn helps brands/businesses build and cultivate relationships that do matter in the business world. 


Graph 1: Source LinkedIn Press Release

LinkedIn gives you access to people and insights. By informing and engaging professionals on LinkedIn, you can raise awareness, generate professional leads on daily basis, acquire new customers and why not generate revenue.

LinkedIn Company Page is free of charge to open and helps your business not only to get discovered, but also become trustworthy.  Moreover, LinkedIn Company Pages rank high in search results, making it even easier for the professionals to find your brand.

Here are some initial steps to take to market and grow your business on LinkedIn.

  • Understand your audience

To position your brand/company’s profile relevantly on LinkedIn, it is important to understand and know the audience you aim to attract. Therefore, conduct a research by investigating LinkedIn member profiles. Ask yourself the following questions: “Are there any who fit into your buyer personas? Are they the ones you would like to convert into quality leads? What types of subjects they are interested in? Can you satisfy their information needs and help them solve their problems with the help of your Company Page?” In case the answers to these questions turn positive, open a LinkedIn page right away.     

  • Create your company’s page

Take into consideration that it is possible to create a Company Page only if you have a personal LinkedIn profile and meet LinkedInrequirements to add a Company Page.

Setting up a page for your business/brand on LinkedIn starts by creating and optimizing your profile. When creating a company page you will need to add such basic information as your company’s logo and a banner image, mention industry type and business specialties, etc. Make sure to include website and/or blog and use your target keywords in the description and overview sections.  

Tip: After creating Company Page, also consider using LinkedIn Showcase pages for business. LinkedIn Showcase Pages are extensions to LinkedIn Company Page and make it possible to highlight a particular product line or brand.

  • Attract followers

Now when you have created and optimized your profile it is time to attract followers. For this reason, you will need to actively connect with people to attract more and more followers. Here are some ways to help you do it:

  • Find your industry related groups and engage in active and real discussions/debates and in-person conversations
  • Be helpful
  • Make recommendations
  • Search for potential prospects and make introductions
  • Keep in touch by inviting them to a webinar, offering an EBook or something else
  • Obtain and add a “Follow” button to your website, outbound emails, newsletters and blog
  • Take advantage of highly targeted LinkedIn Onsite or Network Display advertising, Dynamic and Text Ads campaigns and Sponsored InMail updates.

Tip: Make sure all of your employees have a complete and optimized LinkedIn accounts, follow, actively engage with and share the updates of your company. Having your employees act as the advocates of your content will greatly support the process of attracting more people.    

  • Produce consistent content

People are looking for information and insights on LinkedIn. Inform about your business by connecting with audiences by means of posting your content directly on LinkedIn. Producing timely and great content on LinkedIn will make it possible to engage with professional prospects, get them interested in your company and convert them to leads/customers.

Communicate with your followers by publishing content that relates to your follower’s professional interests and can help solve their problems.


Source: The Sophisticated Marketer’s Guide to LinkedIn  

Tip: Make sure to include a call to action at the end of your post published on LinkedIn Publisher articles to generate conversions. Enrich your posts with visuals, such as images, infographics, custom graphics, etc., to attract and engage more people to read your articles.

Takeaway: Having built a company’s profile on LinkedIn and connecting with professionals worldwide will help to generate new highly targeted leads and ”send” them to your sales team on daily basis. Keep in mind that LinkedIn is all about building relationships and do not aim at selling too much of your products or services on LinkedIn, rather make use of the available features and tools to establish connections and credibility. Actively connect with people and establish with them a long-term relationship by engaging into discussions, providing focused, unique and helpful information on LinkedIn Groups. Distribute helpful, informative and enthralling content on LinkedIn blogging platform to increase your brand awareness and build credibility about your company’s expertise among 400+ million professionals in over 200 countries and territories. Mobilize your employees to share your company’s content on LinkedIn with their networks. As in any process for success remember to leverage company page analytics, analyze continually and make the most of the data to refine your LinkedIn marketing strategy.

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